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If you are here and your lover is turning you down, or your husband moved to another woman, do not cry anymore,

contact this powerful spell caster Dr.Unity on his email at: Unityspelltemple@gmail.com  ,

you can also call him or add him on Whats-app: +2348071622464 ,

His website: http://unityspelltemple.yolasite.com .

South AfricaSA.

My husband said he stop loving me in January. He loves me but not in love with me. In February I knew he was going to visit his sister and mother. When. He returned from his visit he was acting strange. Like distance. Five days later he asked for a beak from each other. I was surprised but it wasn’t him talking. I had a feeling something was up. April 7 he returned home so we can talk on why this separation. He said met someone and had an affair. I’m trying to figure how when we are together like most of the time. He hasn’t seen her since he told me. Apparently she’s married too in a verbal situation. I been trying to save my marriage. This past Wednesday 4/23 was our wedding anniversary. Today 4/25 he sends me this text after I asked him a financial questions. He replies and asking for a divorce by testing me. He is a cowatd.
I text him why and upset and angry. He said I love you and care about you but I am not in love with you.

I send him this text I’m fine. I love you, you know where I stand and what I’m willing to do. So I’m honoring your need for time to make a finally decision. I hope in the near future we can talk about this in person. When your ready.
He . replies
OK. Thank you. And I’m sorry.

I adore and love him. The kicker he abandoned our marriage by moving to LA that’s terrible. I been crying almost daily. Not sure what do anymore. ..so i carried and search online one day, if i can save my marriage with my husband and so luckily i come across some   wonderful post of Dr Unity on how he help people to fix up their broken Marriage,relationship and get ex lover back. so i contacted and give him a try, with-in 48hours of his promise, my husband call to apology and come back to me and the family. all thanks to Dr Unity he was like a father to me when i loose trust on my husband plz  if you need help,

Email him at: Unityspelltemple@gmail.com

You can also call him or add him on whats-app: +2348071622464


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